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Error 0x9A on Epson XP series printers

Error 0x9A means – “Circuit error (include blowout of a fuse). Main board failure” Printhead electrics have been flooded with ink causing this error. The ink get to electric cirquit on printhead and electrical jacks. Solution: Unistall printhead and clean all electrical jacks and dry them very good for about 2 days. Then install it […]

Thank You

Thank You for purchasing Reset key. Billing process takes about 1 minute. After that You will be send SMS message to your mobile phone with Reset Key. Be sure You gave right phone number. In other case You’ll not receive SMS message with Your Reset key. Please contact us if this happens. P.S. How to […]

E-01 Error Code on Epson printer LCD – tips to fix

If you see an error code on the LCD, see the solution here to fix it. E-01 Error Code – A fatal error has occurred. This error is determined in the Epson Service Manual as FATAL ERROR. It means the printer can’t finish his selftest. When you turn the power ON the printer begin to […]