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Free Waste Ink Platen Pad Counter Reset by WIC Utility

Here is full list of printer models which have Waste Ink Platen Pad Counter and can be reset by WIC Reset Utility FREE! That means You don’t have to buy Reset Key. Just download WIC Reset Utility and reset Waste Ink Platen Pad Counter FREE. L3550, L3556, L3558 L5590, L5596, L5598 L6160, L6161, L6168, L6170, […]

How to reset waste ink PLATEN PAD counters in Epson XP-3100, XP-4100 FREE?

When Your Printer Epson XP-3100, XP-4100 Series – stops and require service – that means waste Ink Counters may be overflowed. If Overflowed MAIN Waste Ink Counter – You have to reset it by Hardware Chip Resetter or replace Chip on Maintenance Box. If Overflowed PLATEN PAD Waste Ink counter – You can reset it […]

Epson WF-3720 stuck in Recovery Mode. Quick and esy solution.

When Your printer gives Recovery Mode message – the solution is to upload Recovery Firmware. It can be easily done by WIC Utility – it is Free and Secure for printer. Watch step-by-step video tutorial how to flash Recovery Firmware to Epson WF-3720 printer. Other models have the same process.  

Epson SC-P600 – No Inks firmware. How to change firmware to chipless?

Through WIC Reset Utility Live Support we get contacted by Epson SC-P600 users from all over the world. Brazil, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, Russia, China, Italy, Germany and on and on. This users are facing problems while modifying SC-P600 firmware to chipless mode. So we want here to share following step-by-step manual how to modify […]

Make Epson XP-342 printer chipless. No Inks solution. Chipless Firmware.

Here You can see Video tutorial how You can make Your Epson XP-342 Chipless. All what You need is to modify printers firmware by WIC utility. Use Firmware Key to activate Chipless Firmware and Your printer will never require any ink cartridges or chips. This is 100% NO INKS solution! Have questions? Please cantact us: […]

Epson L220 Waste Ink Reset by YourSelf

1. Download latest WIC Version – it is free! 2. Buy One Time Reset Key ($3.99 – $9.99 per key depends on q-ty) 3. Run WIC Utility and reset Waste Ink Counters to 0% It takes about 20 seconds. Watch the video how to reset Epson L220 Waset Ink counters by Yourself: We dont provide […]

Downgrade printers firmware in Service Mode and in Regular Mode

WIC Utility supports firmware downgrade for all supported (supported models list) Epson Inkjet printers. You can first check if firmware downgrade is available for Your printer model: Go to Supported Models Tab, find Your printer model and put mouse to letter [I] – You will see new window with list of options available with Yours […]

Canon G1000, G2000, G3000 Waste Ink Counters Reset (5B00 error fix)

New WIC Reset Utility Version V5.0.10 supports new Canon G series printer models such as: Canon G1000, G1100, G1400, G1900 Canon G2000, G2100, G2400, G2900 Canon G3000, G3100, G3400, G3900 WIC Reset Utility New Version is able to reset Waste Ink Counters in this Canon G series printers. 5B00 error means Waste Ink Counters overflow […]

Free TRIAL Reset Key – how to use it?

If Your Epson printer has stopped with Waste Ink Pad Counters overflowe – You can Reset waste ink counters by WIC utility FREE – use Free TRIAL Reset Key. It will work free of charge with all supported by WIC utility printer models. This TRIAL Reset Key will work ONE TIME for each printer device. […]

How can I see all adjustment functions for each printer model?

It is easy to figure out which functions are available in WIC Reset Utility for exactly Epson printer model. Just place the mouse on icon [ i ] in the front of printer model in the Supported Models list bar. Diffrent printer models have different functions available such as: – Ink Charge – Read Waste […]