How to reset Ink Levels in Epson L series – L120, L210 etc

1. You can use Ink Codes that come on Ink Bottles. You can find a lot of free Ink Codes on site.

2. You can reset Ink Levels in L100, L200, L800 printers by WIC Reset Utility.

3. You can follow this instruction to reset Ink Levels in all Epson L-series printers such as:
L100, L110, L111, L120, L130, L200, L210, L211, L220, L300, L301, L310, L350, L351, L353, L355, L358, L360, L365, L455, L550, L551, L555, L558, L565, L800, L810, L850, L1300, L1800

With turned printer ON – press Power button – printer will turn OFF.
Wait 10 seconds.
Hold Paper button, then press and release Power button- the printer will turn ON and Power Green light will start to blink.
Release Paper button and press again for 10 seconds.
After 10 second release Paper button, then press for 1-2 seconds again and release. Thats all.

This works for all Epson L-series.

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