I have paid for Reset Key but have not received it?

Please check your email box in few minutes after You have paid and finished the order.
Actualy, email message with ordered Reset Keys is been sent instantly after order has been finished and You could read Thank You message.

If You have not got email message with Reset Key even in 10 minutes – please check your junk and spam folders, some time our custmers find Reset Keys message in spam folders.

Another way to get Your Order:
– Sign in 2Manauls.com with email address which you have used placing the order.
– Go to Order History – You’ll see list of Your orders.
– Click on VIEW button to open Your order and You’ll see details of your order:

Pay attenion if You have placed Your email with no mistakes when placing an order. (we often get wrong email addresses like email@hotmal.com instead email@hotmaIl.com, email@yaho.com instead email@yahoO.com etc..)

Take in mind that if You paid Your order by PayPal – the Reset Key will be sent to Your PayPal account email address. Not that address You place an order, but PayPal account email address.

Finaly, if You have no idea where can You find the Reset Key – please contact us with following information:
1. Your email address (which You have used placing an order).
2. Date when payment has been made.
3. Amount.
4. How have You paid? PayPal, Credit Card, Scrill, Western Union etc.
5. Your Order number (if You have got it).

We’ll check Your payment in few hours and give ordered items to Your email address manualy.
Also, You can ask our Live Help when our operators are OnLine.

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5 Responses to “I have paid for Reset Key but have not received it?”

  1. Dominic says:

    I was finally able to download the program and have already used it to clear the printhead in my Epson Pro 4900

  2. JOHN says:

    I could already make install the firmware downgrade on my Epson xp-200
    Using windows 8.1 update 1
    The printer run again whit the continuos sistem

  3. Gregory says:

    I found the problem, why the reset didnt work. it was in depending of the epson status monitor.
    i was going to the task manager and stopped the status monitor.
    After stopping status monitor, the reset was work probably.

  4. John Girolamo says:

    Your product worked like a dream.
    I’ve been having a horrible problem using ideas from other sources and your solution worked immediately and fast!
    Thank you John

  5. Spencer says:

    John thank you!
    On my wife’s birthday and she was like “what? you are on your dead printer again, when am here and its my Birthday?”
    Then the machine was resurrected WOW!! Thank you John, my wife will have more than me tonight!