How to change Epson printer models

WIC utility can change printer models in few seconds.

For example:
Epson T50 – > to P50 or -> to Artisan 50 and back
WF7010 -> WF7011 -> WF7015 -> WF7018 and back
Photo 1390 – > 1400 – > 1410 and back
and many other printer models

Download lateset WIC Reset utility version – here

Download WIC LATEST version.

Go to MENU
File – > Settings and check Enable Advanced Functions and OK

Scroll main window to the bottom until You can see Initialization and Conversion box.

Select model You want change Your printer to and click Execute.

Wait until operation finish.
Switch the printer OFF after operation ends.

Switch printer ON again and click Refresh detected printers list button.
If the conversion has been performed well – You’ll see that printer model has been changed to that model You wanted.

You can change printer model back again.

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