How to reset Epson PP-100, PP-50 Discproducers Waste Ink Pad counter – video totorial

The Epson PP-100, PP-50 as other Epson printers has Waste Ink Pad counters which will overflow in some time and printer will stop.

Regular price in Epson Service Centers for unblocking this discproduser is about $300.
We offer You to use WIC Reset Utility and Reset Epson PP-100 by Yourself in 20 seconds!

See video tutorial how to reset Waste Ink Counter in Epson PP-100, PP-50 discprodusers in 20 seconds and continue to use Epson PP-100 for your current jobs:

You have to use special Reset Key for PP-100, PP-50 reset.

More information about Epson PP-100, PP-50 Discproducer You can find at

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