I can’t put printer in service mode for making firmware downgrade. How to do?

Please follow this tips if you have problems when putting printer in service mode:

1. Before entering update mode printer must be turned off and power cable must be connected.

2. If printer has sensor panel or touch buttons you should attempt to enter update mode only whithin on minute after printer has been normally turned off (i.e. start the printer, then turn it off and press required combination before one minute is expired).

3. Term “within one minute” in the instruction always refer to the time between shutting down the printer and attempting to enter update mode.
None of the models require to hold the buttons for one minute or more.

3. All buttons or LCD areas shoulld be pressed simultaniously as shown in the instruction. ON/POWER button must be pressed the last.
(i.e. if instruction says, for example, INK + PAPER + POWER then you need to press INK button, then PAPER button while holding INK button,
then POWER button while holding both INK and PAPER and then you need to hold all 3 buttons until the printer is started in the update mode).

5. Upon entering update mode all text on the printer`s LCD must be in white color (unless printer has a monochrome display).
If you see the text in the red then printer is in the wrong operating mode and update is impossible.

6. During update procedure application will transfer firmware data to the printer then it will show notification dialog when firmware transfer is completed.

7. Only after last step printer will actually start rewriting firmware data this process can take considerable amount of time during which the printer may or may not change LCD notifications or LED indication.

8. After update is complete printer will show finalization message on the LCD or LED indication as described in the instruction. Then you need to restart the printer using buttons descirbed in the instruction.

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