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I can’t put printer in service mode for making firmware downgrade. How to do?

Please follow this tips if you have problems when putting printer in service mode: 1. Before entering update mode printer must be turned off and power cable must be connected. 2. If printer has sensor panel or touch buttons you should attempt to enter update mode only whithin on minute after printer has been normally […]

Downgrade printers firmware in Service Mode and in Regular Mode

WIC Utility supports firmware downgrade for all supported (supported models list) Epson Inkjet printers. You can first check if firmware downgrade is available for Your printer model: Go to Supported Models Tab, find Your printer model and put mouse to letter [I] – You will see new window with list of options available with Yours […]

How to downgrade printers firmware? Video tutorial.

You can make printers firmware downgrade by Yourself now. Download WIC utility and see video tutorial:

LCD codes Status messages

If you see an error code on the LCD, see the solutions here to troubleshoot it. Can be used for all printers with LCD monitor TX-series, PX-series, XP-series, L-series etc. LCD code Condition / Solution E-01 A fatal printer error has occurred. Turn the product off and then back on again. If the error continues, […]

How to check current printer firmware version and available firmware version for downgrading in WIC?

Check printers firmware current version. You can check current version of firmware in Your printer very easy. Connect the printer by USB cable. Run WIC utility. Download WIC utility HERE. Click on REPORT button and You’ll get Your printers current firmware version at the bottom of the report.   Check available to downgrade firmware version. […]

About WIC

WIC Reset Utility means Waste Ink Counters Reset Utility. This Utility has been developed for making service procedures with inkjet Epson and Canon printers such as printhead power cleaning, fatal error codes reading, waste ink counters read and reset, print quality pattern printing etc. The most popular function is – Read Waste Ink Counters. You […]

Buy WIC Reset and Firmware Keys

Be sure: – Your printer is supported by WIC (video tutorial) – You want to reset Waste Ink Counter or Modify Printers Firmware (downgrade firmware or make printer chipless) – Your printer has Waste Ink Counter overflow, not other problem or error message. (Video tutorial – how to read waste ink counters values) – Your […]