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How to make EEPROM backup and restore?

Here is video tutorial how can You make Epson printers EEPROM backup and back restore it to printer. If Your printer for some reason has crashed internal adjustments, settings and other parameters You can in easy way restore all printer settings in few clicks by restoring saved printers EEPROM. Please see video tutorial. It is […]

How to change Epson printer models

WIC utility can change printer models in few seconds. For example: Epson T50 – > to P50 or -> to Artisan 50 and back WF7010 -> WF7011 -> WF7015 -> WF7018 and back Photo 1390 – > 1400 – > 1410 and back and many other printer models Download lateset WIC Reset utility version – […]

How to Reset Waste Ink Counters in Epson inkjet printers in 20 seconds!

Lets see in pictures. For example Epson L220 printer model etc.: 1. Download latest WIC version V5.0.16 or higher (available for Windows, MAC OS, Linux). 2. Connect the printer by USB or WiFi to Your PC. Disconnect all other printers. 3. Run WIC Reset Utility. 4. Click on RESET WASTE COUNTER button. 5. Enter Reset […]

How to downgrade printers firmware? Video tutorial.

You can make printers firmware downgrade by Yourself now. Download WIC utility and see video tutorial:

How can I check if my printer is supported by WIC?

It is very easy and free of charge! Download latest WIC Reset Utility version. Run Wic utility. Go to Supported models tab. Enter in search field Your printer model. Please see the video tutorial How to check if your printer model is supported by WIC. If Your printer model is not supported yet – You […]

How can I check my Reset Key – is it still valid or is it used already?

You can check Reset Key status any time You want. See video tutorial How to check Reset Keys status?

How can I Check (Read) Waste Ink Counters?

It is Easy and Free! Download latest WIC Reset Utility version. Connect the printer to computer by proper USB cable. Disconnect all other USB devices. Run the WIC utility. Click on Read Waste Counters button. If even one Waste Ink Counters is more then 100% – it means it is overflowed and You have to […]